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RigAssembler is E-Commerce store for PC enthusiasts.They are a platform which sells and markets PC hardware products at a affordable price e range.They also specialize in building custom PC according to the needs of their customers. They wanted a whole online superstore for sales and marketing by different sellers under a single umbrella. We developed a E-commerce website for their online Superstore with an dedicated page for custom build PCs and 24 hour User Support system.
RigAssembler is a e-Commerce platform for sales and marketing of products.
Build My PC
It is a dedicated page for custom built PCs where user assembles a PC from different categories.
Multiple Sellers
It supports multiple sellers so different sellers need only a single platform for sales.
RigAssembler is also used as a blogging platform where experts share their views on wide array of topics.
Build My PC

A Page Dedicated To Custom PC Builders

This is the the part of the site that allows the user to select their own parts and build a full system. Custom PCs come in all shapes and sizes and the internal specification of two system designed to perform different tasks can be nothing alike. Therefore RigAssembler needed a decided sections where users can customize their system to their heart's content.
Screenshot_2018-07-04 Online Shopping India BUILD PC Buy PC hardware, peripherals moreScreenshot_2018-07-04 MSI GEFORCE GTX1080Ti GAMINGX TRIO 11GB DDR5 Graphics Card for Gaming PC
Key Features


RigAssembler has a ton of features for it's users. Of course big such a large e-Commerce market place it has to cater to a larger number of customers and for that same reason we focused on simplicity.
  • Shopping Cart
  • Online Chat Support
  • Robust back-end and server
  • User Accounts
  • Product Variants
  • Shipment Tracking
Online Shopping

Seamless multi payment gateway integration and options to pay with multiple methods (Card/Net Banking, etc.) which facility for EMIs.

Digital Downloads

Ability to offer directly downloadable content (software, music, games, etc.) from the site upon making a purchase.


The whole site and all the data communication is encrypted with SSL https protocol to secure user data.

Push Notifications

RigAssembler can send push notifications to their subscribers on browsers without the need of customer opening the site.

Robust Web Server

RigAssembler is powered by one of the strongest e-Commerce servers, i.e., Shopify to ensure 100% site up-time and zero slow down on heave traffic.

Private Chat

The customer can get consultation prior making a purchase so they could better understand the products and select one for themselves.


Beautiful Design and
Comfortable User Interface

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