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Case Details


CaloBox is a startup which delivers healthy snacks from door to door.They delivers all type of snacks to people on their orders. They wanted a website which could handle all the operation of their business along with an E-commerce platform to sell and market their products. We designed a website for them which catered to all of their demands with attractive design ,responsive layout and an integrated e-commerce platform where they could market their products.
Calobox has an integrated E-Commerce platform for marketing and selling their products.
CaloBox has a catalog department where all of their products are categorically displayed and explained along with their price,
Online Orders
CaloBox has online order feature through which any customer can order their snacks from their website.
CaloBox can also be used as blogging platform by the owners to share their views about different topics.
Video presentation

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Key Feature

CaloBox (a brand owned by CALOFOODS LLP) is an ideal mid-meal snacking service that allows you to choose from a variety of snacks available on the website as well as other platforms, and delivers these nutritious, tasty, on-the- go and affordable unique snacks right to your doorstep, across India.
  • Social Links Integration
  • Product Reviews
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
  • Basic Visitor Analytics
  • smartphone

    CaloBox has an E-commerce platform for sales and marketing purpose of their products.


    CaloBox ,Gallery is where all of the pictures of their products are displayed according to their categories.d.

    Calo Recipies

    This is the part of the website where people can read about the recipes of CaloBox Products.


    Products can be book directly from their website and payment can be done from the Cart feature on their website.


    Beautiful Design and
    Comfortable User Interface

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