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Jindal Tent & Caterers

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Jindal Tent & Caterers

Jindal Tent & Caterers is an event planning Agency.They plan all kind of events like birthdays,parties,wedding and much more.

They wanted a  website which could handle all their events of their business.

We designed a website for them which catered to all of their demands with attractive design ,responsive layout where they could market their events.


Business & Portfolio Website

What We Did

Full Stack development.




Jindal Tent & Caterers

Responsive Layout
We use Bootstrap4 cutting edge technology- Upgrade your websites with the ability to change its appearance and layout, based on the screen size on which it is displayed.
They needed a custom portfolio page for their website, so we designed the page according to their need and they were very much happy with the designed page, we showed to them.
About us
We have made different categories in about us page of jindal cateres as they requested.
Jindal tent and caterers can also be used as blogging platform by the owners to share their views about different topics.

Take a Tour

CaloBox is an online store which sells healthy snacks and do home delivery of their products.

CaloBox has an E-commerce platform for sales and marketing purpose of their products.


CaloBox ,Gallery is where all of the pictures of their products are displayed according to their categories.


Products can be book directly from their website and payment can be done from the Cart feature on their website.

Calo Recipies

This is the part of the website where people can read about the recipes of CaloBox Products.

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