Online Shopping
Businesses big or small, ideas old or new, internet is the place to execute them. e-commerce is name of the game and everyone's getting on board.
Let Your Art Shine
Web is the place to be to show off your talents and start off your carriers. Give your audience a single place to see all your work.
Feature Packed
Beauty is brains, our websites have them both. Executing work with art is our passion and it shows from your contact forms to live chat integrations.

Give them more than what they came for

Design is important but the true strength lies in the functionality. We are always finding new and innovative ways to help you push just that little but more further with your clients with help new and exiting features. Is your field of work highly tailored according to your customer’s needs? Well why not ditch that plan old contact form in favor of a better and more productive requirements form. Is your line of work very confusing for the customer’s end? Let’s create some neat tools so that customers could figure out exactly what they are looking for.
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Discover new horizon

Technology has allowed for far better and faster was to reach existing and new audience for your business. We are just a catalyst in your journey to success.
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User Interface

Stun them with looks at first impression

Your customers start forming impressions as soon as they lay eyes on your website/app. It is highly crucial to leave a very deep impression of your professionalism at that very moment and that’s exactly what we keep in mind while working on your projects.
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How the TexMux works

We, first of all, understand the nature of your business and try to figure out your exact needs. We understand that not every client has a very clear picture of their project that's why we work with you figure it all out and then deliver on your expectations. Why not crack a few cookies with us at our office to kick-start on your imagination?
Private Chat Integration
Talk to your customers directly on your website. No sign-ups required, no hassle!
Graphic Rich UI
All our websites not only look and feel snappy but are also accompanied by beautiful graphics.
We keep your site up to date and healthy with all the security features and time-to-time optimizations.
Timely Delivery
Our word is our deadline. No excuses, no delays.
Line of codes
Active users
TexMux Profile
Let our work speak for itself.
Our Focus

Some Important Features


Beautiful interface

All our designs are made to please your eyes and encourage engagement between you and your clients. You can never over state the value of a good design and powerful UX
  • Elegant Design

    Simple, colorful, minimal

  • Looks Perfect

    Goes with your products and your passion.


Choose the product that you really need!


Web Development

Simple and elegant solutions for the online presence of you and your company.

  • Free Domain
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Professional E-Mail Account
  • Beautiful Website
Show off your personal/company's portfolio.


e-Commerce Solutions

Sell your goods and services online with full control of your website.

  • Small/Large Catalogues Supported
  • Customer eMail Subscriptions
  • Offer Discounts
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Calculate Shipping Estimates
A better way to bigger demographics.


Mobile Development

Put business in your customers pockets.

  • Cluttered Design
  • Multi-Device Testing
  • Native Platfrom Apps
  • Optimized Procedures
Just within an arms reach
Web Development

A lot of times, you only need a website on your visiting card and don't want to get involved in the process too much. Or maybe you want everything to be in accordance to your master plan. Whatever the case may be. We are here for you.

e-Commerce Solutions

Every shop, big or small, we have the right size of the cart for you. We offer highly customized e-Commerce solutions.

Mobile App Development

The perfect place for your business to be is in your customer's hands. Our mobile app developers help you get just what you need with your business's app.

Reach out to TexMux Now!

No need to hesitate, our team is extremely helpful and we give all of our time to our clients. Have an striking new idea that you aren't sure on how to get up an running? Talk to us and we'll figure it out together!
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